Authorized Representative for Metron, Inc


Over 90% of these buildings have Metron controllers provided by and maintained by KCCOControls

KCCO Controls Co. provides a comprehensive sales and service program to help you maintain and/or replace all manufacturer's fire pump controllers.

Our expertise covers all aspects of service and repair of both diesel and electric fire pump controllers. Our services are provided to fire pump OEMs and sprinkler contractors throughout Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico . We also provide emergency repair services and annual inspections and testing directly to facility engineers, property managers and property owners.

Fire pump controllers are highly specialized and regulated by code. Unauthorized repairs to these controllers may result in loss of UL listing, which may jeopardize your insurance status.

Why trust the servicing or repair of your fire pump controller to an electrician or diesel mechanic who is not experienced and/or qualified to work on these essential elements of your fire protection system?


We offer the following services:

  • Start-up and testing of new Metron, Inc. fire pump controllers. This service meets or exceeds all requirements of NFPA 20 and 25.
  • Annual inspection and testing of all manufacturers' diesel, electric and jockey pump controllers. This service analyzes the performance of the equipment and generates a diagnostic report with recommendations. It also ensures our clients' compliance with the mandated NFPA 25 inspection and testing requirements. If you are not sure if the company that currently maintains your fire protection system also performs the required inspections and tests on the controllers, please contact us.
  • Emergency troubleshooting and expert repair service for controllers that are malfunctioning, but repairable. Contact us for a quote, we understand the urgency of a fire pump system out of service.

  • We can provide servicing and/or minor rebuilding of fire pumps and diesel engines for fire pumps and emergency generators.

  • Replacement fire pump controllers for those that are inoperable or obsolete. As the Metron Factory representatives we benefit from favorable pricing which we are able to pass on to our customers. We can also arrange for the installation of new fire pump controllers. If your fire pump controllers need replacing we can provide and install replacement controllers at a lower cost to you than any other company. Unlike some other brands of fire pump controllers which are made in Canada or Mexico, all Metron fire pump controllers are manufactured in the USA.

  • Consulting on all aspects of fire protection systems from the start of the project to the start-up of the equipment.

Metron fire pump controllers are manufactured in the USA