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Over 90% of these buildings have Metron controllers provided by KCCO Controls

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KCCO Controls Company is the authorized representative for Metron, Inc. in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. Metron,Inc., a division of Hubbell Industrial Controls, manufactures fire pump controllers for all types of fire protection systems for high rise buildings, warehouses, and industrial complexes.

Unlike some other brands of fire pump controllers that are made out of the country, Metron controllers are manufactured entirely in the United States of America at the Metron plant in Archdale. N.Carolina

KCCO Controls Co. provides a comprehensive sales and service program to help you maintain, service and/or replace your fire pump controllers.

We also provide a consultation service for troubleshooting problems with your existing fire protection system and for engineers who are in the planning stage of new projects.

KCCO Controls Co. has been the authorized representatives for Metron, Inc, in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada since the early 1970s.

In 1984 the original owner, Ken Cramer, handed over his company to the current owner, Tom Stolarski, after over 35 years selling and servicing fire pump controllers.

Between them, Ken and Tom have provided Metron fire pump controllers for over 90% of the high-rise buildings, warehouses and industrial complexes in the Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino areas as well as other areas of Southern California.

Here is a list of some of KCCO Controls Company's major customers.

We are THE EXPERTS in fire pump controllers and fire protection systems.

Contact us for new controllers, maintaining or troubleshooting existing controllers, providing spare parts, or if you have any questions regarding your fire protection installation.


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Metron, Inc. Manufacturer of Metron fire Pump Controllers